Welcome to Panama’s Sweetest Cupcakery

Baked to order, Vainilla creates the freshest cupcakes from the finest ingredients, like sweet cream butter, Madagascar Vanilla beans and Ghirardelli Chocolate. Vainilla features a variety of cupcake flavors ranging from Cookies & Cream to Chocolate Cappuccino. These homemade treats are whipped up from scratch and baked to perfection. No one is too young or too old to enjoy a scrumptious bite of a Vainilla cupcake.

Looking for a way to brighten someone’s day?
How about a cupcake? One bite of a Vainilla cupcake will definitely have your family and friends smiling from ear to ear. You might even make some new friends too!

Celebrate your birthday, your best friend’s new baby or just celebrate great weather with an order of Vainilla cupcakes, cookies or brownies. Order today because there is always a reason to CELEBRATE!

Let’s not forget about those essential dates that only roll around once a year like Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving. Each day awakening childhood memories of special moments shared with families and friends.


Want your cupcakes to fit your personality? Vainilla offers a variety of cupcake liners and an exceptional array of decorative sprinkles, confetti, and edible glitters to enhance any icing. If you feel like showcasing your cupcakes in style, Vainilla can provide cupcake stands to display your whimsical treats.


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